What does it mean to be a confessional Lutheran? In short, confessional Lutherans believe that the Bible is God's Word, is authoritative, and is without error. But there are other Christians who would confess that of the Bible also, yet disagree about the correct interpretation in certain doctrinal matters. Confessional Lutherans confess that the Book of Concord (sometimes referred to as Lutheran Confessions or Lutheran Symbols) are a faithful exposition of the scripture. For unity within the church, confessional Lutheran churches are those that subscribe to the Book of Concord because it is a faithful exposition of scripture. Our confessional subscription works itself out in very practical ways. The links below provide brief explanations concerning various aspects of being Lutheran. As always, Pastor Brown is available to discuss any of your questions.

  1. The Altar
  2. The Confessions
  3. The Easter Vigil
  4. Expressing Our Faith
  5. Holy Communion Every Sunday
  6. The Saints
  7. The Holy Catholic Church
  8. Liturgical Colors
  9. The Paschal Candle
  10. The Sign of the Cross
  11. The Bible
  12. The Common Cup and Disease
  13. The Crucifix
  14. The Real Presence
  15. The Creche
  16. Incense
  17. Holy Week
  18. The Holy Communion
  19. Confession - Public and Private
  20. The Holy Gospel
  21. The Fraction
  22. Prayers for the Dead --- coming soon
  23. The Advent Wreath
  24. Angels
  25. The Asperges
  26. Vestments
  27. The Athanasian Creed
  28. The Elevation
  29. The "Lutheran" Church
  30. The "Filoque"